To your operator it’s a comfortable seat – to you it’s increased productivity.

Down time associated with injury, accidents or unexpected failure to parts such as seating is a cost you cannot afford.

Carmac Inc. offers a variety of ergonomic and technological solutions to health and safety issues that have always been a challenge for organizations that operate off-road heavy equipment, trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles. Employers need their operators to remain fully alert in a debilitating working environment of noise, shocks and vibrations.

The safety of people working in and around heavy equipment is paramount. This ranges from accidents to time lost from the workplace due to sickness such as back problems or repetitive strain injuries, all which brings subsequent compensation costs.

Our customers see Carmac‘s technological innovations as an investment.


Our technology, when applied to industry leading seating options, can offer a wide range of health, safety and ergonomic benefits to any industry employing a fleet of on- or off-road heavy vehicles or equipment.

Our job is to keep machinery running smoothly through a focus on operator comfort—reducing fatigue, increasing safety and keeping the workplace operating smoothly and efficiently.

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