The science of matching the seat to the operator.

Commercial vehicles and heavy equipment are operated around the clock by a fleet of personnel – each with different height, weight and body shape. Ergonomic improvements ensure a comfortable working environment for all. It’s about meeting the needs of different body types and ensuring correct seating posture that will avoid back ache, to keep the operator alert and functioning at their peak throughout a long shift.

A chair becomes ergonomic only when it specifically suits a worker's body dimensions.

Carmac Inc. offers a variety of products that focus on ergonomic improvements that keep vehicle and equipment operators functioning at their optimum level, along with additional health and safety options.

Seats can have their ergonomic functions greatly increased through the use of Sittab multifunction armrests. The high degree of adjustability will permit all operators to easy adjust each armrest to suit their personal needs. The further addition of swivels and vibration isolators will allow us to provide a seat system for high vibration and limited access cabs.

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